The Versatility of Herger Drawer Columns: Beyond Pharmacies
27 /12 /2023

Herger drawer columns are a storage solution that has proved remarkably effective in a variety of industries. Originally designed for pharmacies, and still used for pharmacies to store medicines, these storage solutions have demonstrated their versatility in a variety of other sectors, enabling a wide range of companies to improve their inventory management capabilities and […]

14 /12 /2023

We inform our kind customers that our company will be closed from Tuesday December 26, 2023 to Tuesday January 2, 2024 inclusive. Happy end-of-year holidays to everyone. Thank you and see you soon.

HERGER also carried out the maintenance of you old columns
11 /12 /2023

Do you have HERGER drawer columns that show some signs of wear? Parts are missing? Contact us !  Our teams are involved in mechanical repairs, adjustments, as well as replacements of wearing parts, for all your drawer columns after 1985.  

Herger Also Provides Storage Solutions for Veterinary Clinics
06 /10 /2023

Herger is best known for its drawer columns among the pharmacy industry and individual pharmacy owners. Their high-quality and durable solutions that last for decades have helped numerous pharmacies around France and Europe to maximize their storage capacity and better organize their storage, making their day-to-day work more efficient. Herger drawer columns are equally appreciated […]

Summer vacations 2023
02 /05 /2023

  Dear customers, we would like to inform you that our company will be closed from 31th July 2023 (evening) to 20th August 2023 for our annual summer vacation. Have a great summer! Thank you and see you soon.

Twelve New Herger Drawer Columns for Pharmacy in Muret
02 /05 /2022

Pharmacie de l’Europe – 31 MURET Thanks to Mrs DE GRAEVE, for her confidence in the redevelopment of her back office. Services provided : installation of 12 HERGER columns, “423” range range, depth 102, height 212.

Four New Herger Columns for Pharmacie du College in Matzenheim
14 /02 /2022

Herger has provided four new drawer columns for Pharmacie du College in Matzenheim.  Thanks to Mrs Saoud, who gave us her full confidence that Herger would fulfil their expectations regarding the redevelopment of their back office.  Herger provided several services: dismantling and removal of old columns, as well as installation of new columns.  Firstly, we dismantled […]

Five New Herger Columns for Pharmacy in Marseille
11 /02 /2022

Pharmacie de la porte d’Aix – 13 MARSEILLE Thank you to Mr CUGNY for trusting us with the supply of this 5 “423-102-212” drawer columns HERGER

Seven New Drawer Columns for Pharmacy Vogel in Moret-Loing-et-Orvanne
20 /09 /2021

Pharmacie Vogel – Dpt 77 MORET-LOING-ET-ORVANNE Thank you to Mr VOGEL for trusting us with the supply and installation of his 7 “562-100-212” drawer columns in his brand new dispensary.

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