Six Herger Drawer Columns for Pharmacie de l’église in Bretteville L’Orgueilleuse
07 /09 /2020

Thank you to Mr IUNG for trusting us with the supply and installation of 6 TH562 columns.

Four New Drawer Columns for Pharmacie du Mortier d’Or in Caudebec les Elboeuf
06 /08 /2020

Installation of 4 TH-423-102-192 columns Dismantling / Removal of old columns Thank you to Mr and Mrs NGUYEN for trusting us with the replacement of their drawer columns.

Seven New Drawer Columns for a Pharmacy Loustenau in Montbazon
01 /07 /2020

Thank you to Madame LOUSTANAU for trusting us with the replacement of her drawer columns. Supply and installation of 7 “562” columns

Six New Columns for Pharmacie de la Libération in Nice
24 /04 /2020

Pharmacie de la Libération – 06 NICE Supply of 6 “562” columns, following total refurbishment of the pharmacy. Thanks to Madame DEGAND.

Covid19 info
23 /03 /2020

Following the events that have occurred in France and around the world in recent weeks, HERGER has decided to take special measures to guarantee the safety of its teams and partners, as well as yours. Production is therefore halted until things are back to normal. The health of employees and their families must be the […]

Nine New Drawer Columns for a Pharmacy Derambure in Blendecques
22 /01 /2020

Supply and installation of 9 “423” columns

Unpacking Assistant
08 /01 /2020

HERGER can also supply unpacking carts to complement your drawer columns. Manufactured in our Chavanod factory, these easy-to-handle, all-welded aluminum carts are available in 4 colors. They can support weights of up to 50 kg.

Three New Herger Columns for the Pharmacy du Bourg in Saint Vallier
17 /12 /2019

Objective: replace shelves with HERGER columns Supply and installation of 2 “423” columns and 1 “562” column in a space limited by passage constraints Thanks to Mr UNVER.

Eight New Columns for Pharmacie de la soie in Villeurbanne
27 /11 /2019

Pharmacie de la soie – 69 VILLEURBANNE. Thanks to Mrs. BELHIMEUR for her confidence. Supply and installation of 8 “423” columns, following the move to new premises on rue de la soie in Villeurbanne.

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