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The ‘EASYSLIDE’ system is a unique creation for the HERGER drawer columns. An easy and quick divider: no time wasted in optimizing the drawer.

The dividers contain 2 label holders for the flash cards. The double drawers have their own, bigger, label holders. The two grooves on each side of the row, allow the best positioning of the divider.

The divider is an essential accessory. This is why the older references are still manufactured today. HERGER also sells other dividers that are compatible with our competitors’ products. Please contact us for more information.

Dividers Order Form (PDF | En)

herger medication drawer divider th-1200

Drawer Divider N°03 Intensive

Translucent drawer divider

herger medication drawer divider th-9628

Drawer Divider R+R n°9628

Tanslucent medication drawer divider

herger medication double height drawer divider th-2000

Drawer Divider Double Height

Tanslucent medication drawer divider

Transparent label holder for Herger medication drawers

Drawer Label Holder

Herger drawer label holder

Mini labels for Herger drawer dividers

Drawer Divider Mini Labels

Herger pharmacy drawer divider mini labels

herger medication drawer divider

Drawer Divider N°01

Translucent drawer divider

Herger drawer divider number 2

Drawer Divider N°02

Translucent drawer divider

herger medication drawer divider th-1190

Drawer Divider N°03

Translucent drawer divider

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