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The galvanized steel frame can hold up to 16 single drawers and is equipped with heavy-duty bearings greased for life for better durability. The strength of the bearing allows it to perform an impressive number of opening/closing cycles for generations of pharmacists. The nylon coating makes it very quiet to use. The installation of bearings at all levels allows modularity of double and single drawers in order to adapt to your future needs.

Each column being independent, installation is quick and easy. The drawer column adapts to different floor levels thanks to the column’s 6 adjustable cylinders.

Once the drawer columns are assembled together, a single pair of side panels and a plinth are enough to cover the block. The presence of a steel roof on each column makes it possible to store all kinds of small products: POS, overstock, cardboard, etc.

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Why choose Herger drawer columns for your pharmacy layout?

Choosing Herger products means making a thoughtful and calculated choice because our products have advantages to optimize your storage space.

Thanks to the modularity of the sub-assemblies offered in the catalog, we can maximize your back office with a tailor-made solution for your storage spaces to allow ergonomic organization and easy circulation in the storage space.

Optimizing your back office with Herger columns allows you to free up space for your front office sales area.

The investment remains reasonable and requires no maintenance due to the robustness of the components that Herger has decided to use.

Our storage furniture has no obsolescence and we can provide very long-term after-sales service for some components such as dividers or drawer stops, or even ball bearings, although they are lubricated for life.

Our drawer columns fit into any existing space and whatever the ceiling height. We can complete a storage installation at any time by adding storage modules and guaranteeing the durability of each component of our drawer columns. The modularity of our range and our components will allow you to constantly adapt your workstations.

Advantages of our drawer columns compared to pharmacy robots

Our storage furniture does not consume any energy and does not require any electrical adaptation work as a pharmacy robot may require. Our solutions do not require any specific training or maintenance contract because they are robust and cannot break down.

Large storage capacity for multiple applications

The large storage capacity in linear meters, up to 15 drawers, with deep shelves opening 100%, with a rigid metal structure and profiled aluminum rails gives you peace of mind in managing your stocks on a daily basis .

Our drawer columns fit perfectly in many environments other than pharmacies.

Clinics and hospitals, veterinary clinics, laboratories and medical practices and manufacturers of medical devices. This can also be used in the food industry, among certain tobacconists but also in wellness areas or spas.

herger pharmacy cabinets and drawers

Customizable solutions from standard sub-assemblies

Creating bespoke drawer cabinets for a pharmacy requires careful planning and attention to specific needs and requirements. Our experts strive to optimize every aspect of your back office, ensuring no corner goes unused. 

Thanks to an optimum selection of the size of the sub-assemblies manufactured by Herger, we can offer you a “tailor-made” solution that adapts perfectly to your storage space:

  • from 14 to 16 drawers (from 1.80 m to 2.12 m), which facilitates integration depending on the available ceiling heights. You can integrate single drawers (H 11 cm) as well as double height drawers (H 22 cm) at the level you want.
  • two drawer widths: 43 cm and 56 cm, in order to best optimize the number of column-drawers to be installed in width.
  • four possible depths: 55, 65, 82 and 102 cm, depending on your passage areas or necessary setback.


Layout of your pharmacy and installation of our storage furniture

The installation team is able to work on weekends and public holidays to minimize the inconvenience linked to the installation of the drawer columns.

Herger operates in France and also in the French Overseas Territories, Africa and Western Europe: Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Benelux.

Herger, present for more than 50 years, is therefore a partner who offers appropriate, simple and sober column furniture of a high level of quality to optimize your storage spaces.

If you think our professionals can help you by installing Herger solutions in your pharmacy – feel free to contact us.


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