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The key element of our drawer columns is made of aluminium. The shape of the rail and the mechanism have been designed to allow the drawer to be fully pulled out. The full extension rail means that no space remains inaccessible: storage space goes all the way down to the bottom of the drawer, ensuring up to 10% extra storage.

The central profiled part makes it simplier to use the ‘EASYSLIDE’ dividers. The drawers continuously adapt to your stock variation. The dividers include 2 label holders. The height (11 cm for single drawers) enables most medicinal products to be stored vertically.

Herger single drawer with 2 rows

Single and Double Drawers


Herger easyslide medication drawers

Herger drawer adapted for homeopathy storage block

Adapted Drawer


Herger drawer adapted for homeopathy storage block

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By offering a wide choice of drawer columns, thus making it possible to respond effectively to the layout of your back office.

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