Herger Also Provides Storage Solutions for Veterinary Clinics

Herger is best known for its drawer columns among the pharmacy industry and individual pharmacy owners. Their high-quality and durable solutions that last for decades have helped numerous pharmacies around France and Europe to maximize their storage capacity and better organize their storage, making their day-to-day work more efficient.

herger storage solutions for veterinary clinics

Herger drawer columns are equally appreciated in other industries such as veterinary care. Whether it’s a big animal hospital or a small veterinary clinic, Herger’s storage solutions have proved essential in keeping various drugs and medical supplies organized and accessible.

Before planning your storage solution, it’s essential to consider your input data (accessibility constraints, construction date, available space, disposal of old equipment). Having been in the business since 1970, Herger is aware of all these requirements and our products are made to suit every veterinary clinic in need of storage improvement.

Cabinets and Drawer Racks

Herger cabinets and drawer racks are free standing depending on the storage space in your veterinary practice and your needs for storing medications, medical supplies, and equipment.

Herger drawers are made of combination of wood for durability and polymer for hygiene and have postformed handle. Their simple and sleek design is made to fit into any storage space and easy to clean. You can even choose the front colour of the drawer columns so that they fit into your veterinary clinic interior or mix and match different colours to help you organize your storage even better.

Herger drawer dividers can be easily adjusted to suit your changing stock levels, saving your staff time on inventory management. Each drawer divider has space for mini-index cards, so your staff can quickly get a clear overview of the drugs stored, and keep the system organized.

Installation and Maintenance

If you have a storage system that has served its purpose and you wish to replace it, you can ask our team to dismantle and remove it before installing Herger drawer columns.

In case you have already installed storage system that has served its purpose, and you want to replace it, you can ask our team to dismantle and remove it before installing Herger drawer columns. You can see an example of veterinary storage solutions that Herger did for a veterinary clinic in Castres.

If you want storage improvement in your veterinary clinic but you are not sure where to start or have more important things to focus on, you can always contact Herger Customer Service and we will lead your project in all its aspects. What is more, we even provide financial solutions tailored to your business with flexible contract options.


Herger offers you a global service from the start to the after-sale project.

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