5 Good Reasons to Invest in Herger Pharmacy Cabinets 

herger pharmacy cabinets

Herger is a company that specializes in manufacturing pharmacy cabinets that are tailored to your needs. We aim to utilize the maximum of storage space provided to fit as many column drawers as possible.

Pharmacies are not the only businesses opting for Herger drawer columns for easy organisation. There are also veterinary clinics, perfumers, hospitals and clinics, watchmakers, eyewear manufacturers, tobacco companies and other companies wishing to store high value products completely safely.

If you are still indecisive, we bring you five strongest arguments on why you should invest in Herger pharmacy columns:

Reason no. 1. Customizable Solutions: Herger offers tailor-made medicine cabinets and storage solutions based on our predefined standard elements. You can determine the colour, size, configurations (monoblock or several blocks) of your columns according to your specific needs.

Inside the cabinet drawers there are dividers with labels that enable easy access and flexible organisation. We offer either single or double height drawers, in double or triple aisles. The drawer column adapts to different floor levels thanks to its six adjustable cylinders.

Reason no 2. Durable and High Quality: The cabinets are built to last. The high-quality materials used, combined with the know-how in the design of the columns, guarantee the durability and longevity of the drawer columns, a reliable storage solution.

The frame is made from galvanized steel and can hold fourteen to sixteen drawers. The drawers are made of wood and handles in polymers with ergonomic handles. This allows for easy cleaning ensuring that the hygiene of your back office is always at top level, which is especially important for every environment. Heavy-duty bearings are greased for life and will allow an indefinite number of opening and closing cycles.

The proof of durability: our columns manufactured in the 1970s for our pharmacist customers are still used today.

Reason no. 3. Optimized Storage Space: Herger pharmacy cabinets are designed with efficient space utilization in mind, maximizing storage capacity (in height, width and depth) while maintaining accessibility of your employees in that space and organization of the stored products.

Due to their simple and sleek design, they can be easily adjusted to fit most spaces at the same time making the making the given space more functional.

Reason no. 4. Comprehensive Project Management: Herger provides end-to-end project management services. We assist our customers in the planning, design and implementation of their storage solutions, guaranteeing perfect integration of our drawer columns into your premises. The Herger team can also organize and manage the disposal of your old furniture.

What is more, we are ready to help with financial planning of your Herger pharmacy column project.

Reason no. 5. Professional Support and After Sales Service: With Herger, our customers benefit from ongoing professional support and service. This includes assistance with installation, removal of old columns, regular maintenance, and any necessary modifications or upgrades, guaranteeing continued satisfaction and functionality of the cabinets over time.

Simply schedule a call with Herger team of experts and we will guide you through your project from the beginning to the end. Contact us!


Herger offers you a global service from the start to the after-sale project.

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